44 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Try Tabata Style!

Here are 44 bodyweight exercises demonstrated by Tee Major that you can try doing in your next Tabata workout:

Bit of warning, since Tee Major is a military fitness trainer, some of these exercises are pretty advanced. Stick to those that you can complete on the Tabata protocol before trying the more advanced ones.

Some of these exercises require equipment:

  • Chin Up Bar
  • Fitness Ball
  • Ab Roller
  • Bench

7 thoughts on “44 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Try Tabata Style!”

  1. Holy moly! I can finally do regular pushups and burpees and still need some pull-up assistance with my bands so there are some of these exercises I can strive to advance to.

  2. Wow, don’t try this at home! Seriously, there some advanced exercises in there that could get you into trouble, without some previous physical condition

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