Crossfit or Seizure? Haha!

I started adding some Crossfit WODs (work out of the day) into my weekly workouts. The workouts overlap a little with my pure Tabata interval workouts.

Some Crossfit workouts use Tabata times as well and are pretty tough. The WODs that I’ve been trying typically uses a lot more heavy weights. e.g. Deadlifts, Sumo High Pulls, Overhead Squats..etc.

Much more than I am accustomed to in my previous training routine. So I find that after two weeks, I am putting on some bulk already from the weight training.

Moving forward, I think I am going to need to find a balance between Crossfit and my own Tabata routines.

In the meantime, for all your Crossfitters out there, I though you might find this cartoon as funny as I did…enjoy!