Upper Body Tabata Circuit Workout

This weeks Tabata workout video consist of alternating between medicine ball throws and elastic band rows.

This routine will test your upper body endurance. The medicine ball will train your triceps, deltoids as well as your hand eye coordination. The elastic band rows will work out your back muscles and biceps.


11 TRX Exercises You Can Do – Tabata Style!

TRX is a type of training that uses suspended straps and your own body weight, to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries. See the video to see how it works.

The folks at Flo Fitness put out a video demonstrating 11 TRX exercises you can do Tabata style!

  1. TRX Jump Squats
  2. TRX Ice Skaters
  3. TRX Hip Press
  4. TRX Row
  5. TRX Lunge with Hop
  6. TRX “T’s”
  7. TRX “I’s”
  8. TRX Atomic Pushups
  9. TRX Chest Fly
  10. TRX Oblique Crunch
  11. TRX Pike

Pick 1 or up to 4 of these exercises in your next Tabata workout.


A Super Simple New Year Workout Program That Works!

Tabata Exercise

Photo Credit: angietorres

“New Year, New Life”!

At this time of the year, many people are busy contemplating their goals and resolutions for the new year. I’m willing to bet that getting into better health and fitness will be high on that list for most people. If its on your’s list of goals too then let me share with you a simple Tabata program that you will likely stick to in order to get you real results!

Firstly, here’s why a Tabata program is your best bet for a routine you will stick to:

  1. No equipment needed! Just a small Tabata timer that you should bring with you everywhere!
  2. Complete the entire workout in under 20-minutes (including warmup)
  3. Can be done anywhere! Even in a hotel room if  you’re on the go!

Here’s the basic principle to make sure you get results!

  1. Keep it REAL simple. I meant really SIMPLE! Just do this ONE program. (see routine below)
  2. Do it consistently – every alternate day!
  3. Track your results so you know you are taking action consistently! Use this workout tracking sheet to record each workout!

Here’s the new year Tabata program:

  1. Warm Up with alternating Tabata Jumping Jacks and High Knees (4 mins)
  2. The main program is a total body Tabata routine of alternating Burpees and Mountain Climbers (4 mins)
  3. Cool down with deep breathing and total body stretching (10 mins)

(If you’re new here and not sure what the Tabata protocol is – its basically 20 seconds of workout followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated for 8 rounds for a total of 4-minutes)

Do this routine every alternate day for 3 months or until you hit your target body fat % or weight. e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday…..etc

You should be pretty beat and sweating after the warm up and the core workout. If you’re already in pretty fit condition and not sweating after the above, then just repeat the whole routine (including warm up) again.

Simple right?

If you’re game to take up this super simple and super effective program — leave a comment to share your progress! 🙂

I wish you an awesome year ahead and look forward to hearing about you kicking some butt and getting into the best shape of your life for 2012!

Four-Sports Tabata Workout Routine

Here’s a unique Tabata workout from the MudRunManiac.com. It combines 4 different drills from 4 different sports, namely — wrestling, football, baseball and kick-boxing.

This workout is ideally performed outdoors at a a park. The only equipment you need really is some space, a bench or step and of course your Tabata timer.

Here are the exercises in the routine:

  1. Wrestling: Sprawl Drill (left hip/right hip)
  2. Football: Running Back Stumble Drill (left hand touch/right hand touch)
  3. Baseball: Round the Bases Drill (start first-base line/start third-base line)
  4. Kickboxing: Knee-Hook-Uppercut Drill (left side/right side)

Engage each exercise at maximum effort for 20 seconds. Then rest 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds in total. Total workout time is 4-minutes as usual.

Here’s the video: