Alternating Speed Pushing and Pulling with Workout Bands

This is a simple workout you can do anywhere with the Bodylastic bands. 20 seconds pulling on the bands at your fastest pace and 10 seconds rest. Next is 20 seconds of intense pulling on the bands as your fastest possible pace. Repeat for 8 rounds as usual!

Tabata Workouts with Elastic Bands

Personal trainer Nick Tumminello demonstrates how to get a great workout with elastic bands. The best bands I’ve found are called “BodyLastics“. These are professional grade workout bands and they are extremely well made and built to last.

The sample workouts below can be done virtually anywhere.

Think the bands are too easy? You’re wrong. They are extremely challenging. Give this workout a try and see how you go!

Box Jump and Pull Up Tabata Combo

This is a great workout that combines a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise.

It would be very challenging to do all 8 Tabata exercise rounds if you were to do pull ups alone. For example, if you could do 10 pull ups in 20 seconds on average, you would have to do 80 pull ups in total which is a big challenge for most people.

So the smart way to incorporate the more challenging exercises is to combine it with an exercise that uses other large muscle groups. A Tabata “couplet” like the one shown below, allows your major muscle groups to get 30 seconds of rest before it is called upon again to work!