Tabata Heavy Bag Punching

I model my training after boxers because I think most pro-boxers have the best physique (except heavy weights). So typically, my Tabata workouts revolve around skipping rope, medicine balls and punching bags.

Try this straight up punching routine for the usual 20 seconds at maximum speed and 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Your body and your lungs will be burning towards the end. Enjoy!

Tabata Squats – Revisited

Ok! Now that we’re done with Tabata Pushups and Tabata Sit Ups – its time to revisit the Tabata Squat!

In this variation, instead of standing up during the rest interval, you should stay in the squat position to add some isometric load to the workout.

Again, all you will need is a Tabata timer and to make sure you do as many squats as you can whilst maintaining good form during the 20 second workout intervals.

Your quads and bum will thank you (or curse you – haha!) after this 4 minute workout!

Tabata Sit Ups

Following last weeks simple but grueling Tabata push up workout – this week we’re doing Tabata sit ups!

Again, all you need for today’s workout is a Tabata timer.

Tips: We recommend anchoring your feet to avoid from slipping and swaying. Also, its a good idea to put a cushioned rest on your spine. Not only will it be more comfortable but getting that extra arch in your back will ensure you isolate the abdominals in their full range of motion. Ideally, you should use a Bosu Ball if you have one.