Tabata Kettle Bell – Viking Press

Clint Herring of Dynamic Solutions performs a Tabata protocol by doing the Viking Press with a 53lb kettlebell. The 10 second rest between each interval is done by holding the kettlebell overhead.

We recommend using a lighter kettle bell if you are not used to doing Tabata intervals or using kettlebells.

16 kg Kettlebell Thrusters – Tabata Style!

Julie Coder of Dynamic Solutions demonstrates how to perform a kettlebell thruster Tabata circuit.

A note for personal trainers – I like the distance kept between the trainer and Julie. This is a good way for a trainer to support a great workout without getting in the way.

Tabata Running on a Treadmill

The original Tabata Protocol was designed for exercise bikes. However, the biggest challenge with doing tabata drills on cardio machines is the stopping and restarting between each interval.

Here’s a video demo of how to do it on a treadmill.

Note: please be careful when getting back on the treadmill. Always keep your hands holding the side handle bards until your feet get back up to speed with the treadmill.

(Note the video goes blank after 1:42 – sorry, but its just a demo of the principle)