High Intensity Tabata Combo Routine

This week, we’re going to bust a gut doing this! The equipment we’re gonna use are 30 inch box, a kettle bell, a 20 lbs medicine ball and of course, our trusty tabata timer.

If you don’t have a 30″ box – find a curb or other stable platform. If you don’t have a kettle bell, a dumbell will work too. If you ain’t got a medicine ball, try using your dog or cat (just kidding).

Are you ready?

20 seconds: Box Jumps
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Explosive Push-ups (over the kettle bell)
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Med Ball Slams
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Russian Twist
10 seconds: Rest

Repeat from the beginning one more time for a total of 4 minutes of pure burn!

4 thoughts on “High Intensity Tabata Combo Routine”

  1. While I concede that these exercises are tough and would certainly kick anyone’s a$$, IMO they need to be tweaked to be effective in the Tabata style.

    The guy in the demo is impressive, but if he lost the vest he could get more reps which, again IMO, better fits into the Tabata style.

    Am I wrong?

  2. Its all about training stimulus and adaptation. Once your body adapts to a specific training routine, you would need to add more load in order to get the training stimulus for the next level of fitness improvement. So you are right, each workout has to be tweaked towards the individual fitness level. In this case, the weight vest is just right for him but its probably not necessary if this is your first time doing this specific routine.

  3. Brian, I understand stimulus/adaptation/fitness level concerns. I’m talking about heart rate/VO2 as it applies to Dr Tabata’s study. Granted I’m not sure any average athlete can attain the levels Tabata found effective but adding a lot of extra resistance seems counterproductive to me.

    Aside from the resistance, this particular Tabata would probably be better if it were 1-2 exercises and not 4. Thoughts?

    Thnx, I enjoy your site/emails.

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