Four-Sports Tabata Workout Routine

Here’s a unique Tabata workout from the It combines 4 different drills from 4 different sports, namely — wrestling, football, baseball and kick-boxing.

This workout is ideally performed outdoors at a a park. The only equipment you need really is some space, a bench or step and of course your Tabata timer.

Here are the exercises in the routine:

  1. Wrestling: Sprawl Drill (left hip/right hip)
  2. Football: Running Back Stumble Drill (left hand touch/right hand touch)
  3. Baseball: Round the Bases Drill (start first-base line/start third-base line)
  4. Kickboxing: Knee-Hook-Uppercut Drill (left side/right side)


Engage each exercise at maximum effort for 20 seconds. Then rest 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds in total. Total workout time is 4-minutes as usual.

Here’s the video:

Time to Get Brutal!

Ok boys and girls — ready for some fun this week?  If you’ve been sticking to the Tabata intervals, your body should be getting pretty fit by now. So I thought of trying something different for a bit of variety.

I’ve added a new category of workouts to this blog called “Interval Training”. This gives us more options to break out of the usual Tabata routines to try something new to challenge our bodies adaptative response. (a.k.a. getting fitter). This section will include High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts as well as other circuit and interval training workouts. Oh the fun!

For starters — I found this 12 min interval workout from the team at BodyRock.TV. I found it to be awesome fun because of the variety of exercises but at the same time, it was really really HARD! Instead of 20 second rounds of activity and 10 seconds of res for eight rounds  – we’re going to do 50 seconds of activity, 10 seconds of rest for a total of 12 rounds! So the total workout time is going to be just 12 minutes so give it your best.

Aside from your Gymboss interval timer, will need a few other pieces of equipment for the 12 exercises below. These include a pull up bar and a dip station. If for some reason you can’t get access to these, you can replace it with a similar exercise for the same muscle group.

Here’s are the exercises for each round:

1. Chin Ups

2. Prisoner Jump Squats

3. Mountain Climber

4. Clapping Push Ups

5. Jump Lunges

6. Bicycle

7. Dips

8. Forward Lunge Jump Up/ Backward Lunge Jump Up (as one exercise on one leg)

9. Forward Lunge Jump Up/ Backward Lunge Jump Up (on the other leg)

10. Side Crunch – left

11. Side Crunch – right

12. Burpees

A word of warning —  you’re going to be pushed to the limit. So make sure you hydrate and maintain good form to avoid injury.

Write down your total reps for each exercise as your benchmark. You can schedule this workout in your calendar once a month to see how well you do.

Here’s a video demo of the workout:

High Intensity Tabata Combo Routine

This week, we’re going to bust a gut doing this! The equipment we’re gonna use are 30 inch box, a kettle bell, a 20 lbs medicine ball and of course, our trusty tabata timer.

If you don’t have a 30″ box – find a curb or other stable platform. If you don’t have a kettle bell, a dumbell will work too. If you ain’t got a medicine ball, try using your dog or cat (just kidding).

Are you ready?

20 seconds: Box Jumps
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Explosive Push-ups (over the kettle bell)
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Med Ball Slams
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Russian Twist
10 seconds: Rest

Repeat from the beginning one more time for a total of 4 minutes of pure burn!

Tabata “Double Unders” – Skip Rope

Warning: This workout is going to be tough!

Do eight rounds of double-unders (rope passes twice under the feet on each jump) on Tabata time.

If you can’t do double-unders yet, then just do normal jumps or alternate 1 round of normal skipping with 1 round of double-unders. Worst case scenario, if you can’t do skips consistently, then just do jumping jacks.


Tabata Heavy Bag Punching

I model my training after boxers because I think most pro-boxers have the best physique (except heavy weights). So typically, my Tabata workouts revolve around skipping rope, medicine balls and punching bags.

Try this straight up punching routine for the usual 20 seconds at maximum speed and 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Your body and your lungs will be burning towards the end. Enjoy!

Tabata Squats – Revisited

Ok! Now that we’re done with Tabata Pushups and Tabata Sit Ups – its time to revisit the Tabata Squat!

In this variation, instead of standing up during the rest interval, you should stay in the squat position to add some isometric load to the workout.

Again, all you will need is a Tabata timer and to make sure you do as many squats as you can whilst maintaining good form during the 20 second workout intervals.

Your quads and bum will thank you (or curse you – haha!) after this 4 minute workout!

Tabata Sit Ups

Following last weeks simple but grueling Tabata push up workout – this week we’re doing Tabata sit ups!

Again, all you need for today’s workout is a Tabata timer.

Tips: We recommend anchoring your feet to avoid from slipping and swaying. Also, its a good idea to put a cushioned rest on your spine. Not only will it be more comfortable but getting that extra arch in your back will ensure you isolate the abdominals in their full range of motion. Ideally, you should use a Bosu Ball if you have one.

Tabata Push Ups

The simplest workouts are the toughest. All you need for today’s workout is a Tabata timer. We’re going to be doing plain old push ups but Tabata sytle!

Do as many pushups as you can for 20seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds!

Sounds simple? Well its going to be hell! Enjoy!

Bionic Woman Does Tabata On Concept 2 Rower

J Clark from Crossfit Fort Worth demonstrates how to do Tabata rows. Row as hard as you can for 20seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for 8 rounds (total 4 mins).

What’s your excuse for not working out today?

Tabata Kettle Bell – Viking Press

Clint Herring of Dynamic Solutions performs a Tabata protocol by doing the Viking Press with a 53lb kettlebell. The 10 second rest between each interval is done by holding the kettlebell overhead.

We recommend using a lighter kettle bell if you are not used to doing Tabata intervals or using kettlebells.