Tabata Cardio Combo – Workout 1

This is a great Tabata routine courtesy of Suzana from BodyRockTV. This is only part 1 of her routine but for beginners and as a cardio workout, its already a killer. Don’t believe me? Think its easy? Give it a try and see for yourself.

In this routine, you skip rope with high knees – 20 seconds on at maximum intensity, then 10 second rest. Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

Alternating Speed Pushing and Pulling with Workout Bands

This is a simple workout you can do anywhere with the Bodylastic bands. 20 seconds pulling on the bands at your fastest pace and 10 seconds rest. Next is 20 seconds of intense pulling on the bands as your fastest possible pace. Repeat for 8 rounds as usual!

Tabata Kettle Bell Swings

Another example of a simple and quick exercise using a Kettle Bell. This exercise works out the quadriceps, core muscles, arms and back for the swinging motion.

If you don’t have a kettle bell, use a dumb bell and alternate each arm during the top of the swing.

Crossfit or Seizure? Haha!

I started adding some Crossfit WODs (work out of the day) into my weekly workouts. The workouts overlap a little with my pure Tabata interval workouts.

Some Crossfit workouts use Tabata times as well and are pretty tough. The WODs that I’ve been trying typically uses a lot more heavy weights. e.g. Deadlifts, Sumo High Pulls, Overhead Squats..etc.

Much more than I am accustomed to in my previous training routine. So I find that after two weeks, I am putting on some bulk already from the weight training.

Moving forward, I think I am going to need to find a balance between Crossfit and my own Tabata routines.

In the meantime, for all your Crossfitters out there, I though you might find this cartoon as funny as I did…enjoy!

Status Update: My Tabata Results Vs Crossfit

Tabata Fat LossAfter 3 months of adopting a pure Tabata routine, I am happy to report losing 3 inches of fat around my waist and for the first time in my life, I can actually see my six pack forming. My body fat percentage is now around 12.5%. Target is to get it to 10% – 11% range.

I definitely think that high-intensity interval training really does burn fat and develop muscle (aside from improving overall fitness). There’s no going back for me now. I am addicted to the intensity and adrenaline rush of each workout.

Something new this week – I started a trial membership at a local Crossfit gym and so I have started to get into Crossfit exercises too. What this means is that I’ve started to do Crossfit WODs (work out of the day) that aim to hit a certain number of repetitions instead of just pure time-crunched Tabata exercises as I have been doing for the past few months.

The Crossfit exercises are really challenging to say the least but as tough as it is to do say 100 pullups, it does not leave me feeling as intense as just 4-minutes of doing Tabata style pull ups. With the modified WODs from this gym, I am doing about 8 different exercises instead of the 2-4 Tabata exercises that I normally do.

The verdict? I think its still too soon to tell which program I will adopt long term. I am attracted to the Crossfit culture but I also like the intensity, effectiveness and brevity of my Tabata workouts.

I am going to continue with the Crossfit program as is for another couple of weeks but I am planning to modify some of these exercises in Tabata style. For example, instead of doing 50-30-20 Kettle Bell Swings as prescribed by the Crossfit trainers I would do the Kettle Bell Swing but do as many as I can for 20secs with 10sec rest for 8 rounds.

Anyway – more updates as I progress. In the mean time, continue to enjoy the Tabata workout videos as I collect more here on this blog. 🙂

Deadlifts and Chest to Bar Pull Up Combo

Are you game enough to try this Tabata combo – Deadlift 100kg and Chest to Bar Pull Ups.

Tabata Workouts with Elastic Bands

Personal trainer Nick Tumminello demonstrates how to get a great workout with elastic bands. The best bands I’ve found are called “BodyLastics“. These are professional grade workout bands and they are extremely well made and built to last.

The sample workouts below can be done virtually anywhere.

Think the bands are too easy? You’re wrong. They are extremely challenging. Give this workout a try and see how you go!

Box Jump and Pull Up Tabata Combo

This is a great workout that combines a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise.

It would be very challenging to do all 8 Tabata exercise rounds if you were to do pull ups alone. For example, if you could do 10 pull ups in 20 seconds on average, you would have to do 80 pull ups in total which is a big challenge for most people.

So the smart way to incorporate the more challenging exercises is to combine it with an exercise that uses other large muscle groups. A Tabata “couplet” like the one shown below, allows your major muscle groups to get 30 seconds of rest before it is called upon again to work!

Tabata Training: Insane 40kg Sandbag Lifts

This is a Tabata workout designed for pure pain.

The exercise requires use of your quadricapes, arms, back and core muscles for stabiliztion.

The concentration on the single 40 kg sandbag means that you will lifting a total of 1,800kg in 4min!

That’s what I call a workout.

Tabatas for Busy Moms

Can busy moms do Tabata training too? Because you can get a total body workout in 4 minutes flat, there’s really no excuse not to be able to squeeze in a workout between the kids schedules.

What about intensity levels? Tabata training will normally have you collapsed on the floor after completing the 8 rounds for a single exercise. But the beauty about the Tabata training protocol is that you can choose exercises or a combination of exercises that will give you a great total body workout without over-training.

For example, you could alternate between a light dumbbell swing for working out the upper body and simple mountain climbers that works out your core and lower body.