Tabata Push Ups

The simplest workouts are the toughest. All you need for today’s workout is a Tabata timer. We’re going to be doing plain old push ups but Tabata sytle!

Do as many pushups as you can for 20seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds!

Sounds simple? Well its going to be hell! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Tabata Push Ups”

  1. Hi,
    While I have doing tabata’s for some time now. I am alway’s asking myself the following question. 8 rounds of a 1 or 2 bodyweight exercise vs consecutive counts? Example: 8 rounds split between pushups and situps. 25 each, totaling 100 pushup and 100 situps vs just doing a single set of 100 pushups and 100 situps?
    Your thoughts.

  2. Interesting question. It really depends what your objective is. Doing it Tabata style has added time pressure to make sure you get the reps in within each 20 sec interval. Its also a lot more interesting and allows some rest time between rounds to train for rapid recovery. Another benefit is that rotating between the two exercises trains your body to switch muscle groups fast.

    Doing consecutive pushups and situps is more like endurance training. For example if you’re training for a pushup competition or something like that. Personally, I prefer the Tabata style because what it trains you for has more real world applications. But if you’re completing that number of reps, you are exhausting the muscle groups so you will get good benefits either way.

  3. Tabata should be an anaerobic activity. The idea is to count how many of the push-up or squat or whatever you are doing each round…your score is the lowest rep round, so you are pushed to achieve as many reps as possible for each round (difficult to do). With a mulitiple tabata activity (push-ups, squats, kettle bell, pull ups), you add all of the lowest rounds together to obtain your final score.

    The beauty is to keep track of that score and try it again in the future and see if you have improved.

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