Tabata “Double Unders” – Skip Rope

Warning: This workout is going to be tough!

Do eight rounds of double-unders (rope passes twice under the feet on each jump) on Tabata time.

If you can’t do double-unders yet, then just do normal jumps or alternate 1 round of normal skipping with 1 round of double-unders. Worst case scenario, if you can’t do skips consistently, then just do jumping jacks.


One thought on “Tabata “Double Unders” – Skip Rope”

  1. Our jump rope team does this workout. Our High School and college kids do triple unders. We use a triple speed rope for these. The length of the rope is key. Stand with both feet together in the middle of the rope. Handles should be about waist high or slightly shorter depending on your skill. Shorter for more advanced. When the rope is too long the arms have to be too far from the body to be speed effective. Arms end of wearing out before rest of body.
    Below is a link to the website where we get our speed ropes.

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