Free Gift: Tabata Workout Sheet


The exercise sheet above, is the same tool that I use to track my Tabata workouts. Interval training has helped me to lose 3 kgs in weight in just the first 2 weeks. Additionally, I reduced my waist size by 3 inches and drop to under 12% body fat. So, I am very confident that this training protocol will will get you results too*.

How to Use This Worksheet:

  1. Print as many sheets as required. As Tabata routines are really intense, I recommend a maximum of 4 Tabata sets per day. Workout 3-5 times per week. Allow for at least 2 rest days in a week for your muscles to recover.
  2. Select any Tabata workout examples from the videos and posts found on or create your own workout routines.
  3. Perform each workout with a Tabata Timer and note the date and the number of repetitions per exercise.

Scoring for Performance Tracking:

  1. Your lowest repetition round is your “minimum score” for that exercise routine. Put a circle around that number or write it in brackets next to the totals.
  2. Note the total repetitions for each exercise set performed in the “totals” column.
  3. Your goal each week is to perform the same workout a week later with a higher minimum score and higher number of total repetitions. In other words, try to beat your personal best scores each week!

Wishing you great success on your fitness journey,

Brian Wong


Special thanks and credit to Patrick Muldoon who converted my original PDF worksheet into a “fillable” version where you can edit the spaces to record your exercises and repetitions.

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  1. Hi Anita, I checked it and it works fine. Make sure you right click over the image or the text and select “Save link as…” in order to download it to your computer.

  2. Zulkef – you can get use do a caliper pinch test or buy a weighing scale that has bioelectrical impedance fat analysis. You can find them on Amazon.

  3. Many thanks for the workout sheets, cant wait to use them :>)

    Carol Dawson

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  5. Useful and interesting resources. I’m keen to get started on tabata and this site is helping.

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