Tabata Warm-Up Routine

This is a good warm up routine as you rotate between 4 light to intermediate intensity level workouts. No equipment is needed aside from your trusty Gymboss Interval Timer that you can bring with you anywhere.

Jumping Jacks: Stand feet together, arms resting on each side. Jump to position 2 where you land with your legs spread apart and hands together overhead. Then jump back to starting position.

Mountain Climbers: Start from a push up/ plank position. Begin by bringing one knee forward and touch the ground with your feet. Then repeat by bringing the other knee forward while moving your first leg back to starting position. Do this as fast as possible (as though you are running on the spot in a push up position.)

High Knees: Running on the spot but lift your knee to waist level (90 degree angle). Repeat as fast as possible for each round.

Bum Kicks: Running on the spot but lift your heel up behind you until you are almost touching your bum. (Hence “bum kicks” get it? 😉 )

[Video] How to Setup Your Gymboss Interval Timer for Tabata Workouts (…and Crossfit and HIIT Workouts Too)

I wrote a post some time back about how to setup your Gymboss timer for Tabata interval training. However, I still get asked via email about what tool I use to keep track of my workouts. So I decided to create a detailed video showing how I use the Gymboss Interval Timer specifically for Tabata intervals. Watch the video below:

Also, the Gymboss Timer can also be used as a stopwatch that is suited for “for time” type of Crossfit workouts.

What I like about this timer:

  • Its affordable – only $19.95 for the basic version
  • Its small and lightweight
  • It has a clip to clip on to my workout attire
  • Loud beep with vibration option for when I’m working out to music
  • Comes in a variety of colors and ships worldwide

You can order one at

How To Set Up Your Interval Timer for Tabata Training

Tabata training sets are intense and grueling. The last thing you want to have happen is the distraction of having to monitor the time.

The Gymboss interval timer is a handy little solution. This tiny timer has a clip at the back and can either be placed next to you or attached to your clothing.

The Gymboss interval timer allows you to set two timed intervals for each training round. For Tabata training, I set the first interval at 10 seconds. This gives me a 10 second preparation time after I hit the “start” button so I don’t need to rush.

Setting the rest interval first also ensures that the timer ends immediately after the last activity cycle finishes.

Next, you will set the timer mode to auto-countdown for 8 rounds. You could also set it to manual where you have to hit the “start” button after each round. I prefer to set it on full auto so that the urgency of the next round keeps me focused on my workout.


Once the timer is setup up, just hit “Start” and let the fun begin! I prefer to set the timer to beep loudly and to also vibrate. I like to clip it on my waist so that I can feel the vibration between each interval. This is very handy when I am doing Tabata sprints where I am moving around a lot and saves me from having to look at the timer altogether.

Hope you found this useful. Enjoy your workout! 🙂

UPDATE VIDEO: How To Set Up Gymboss Timer for Tabata