[Video] How to Setup Your Gymboss Interval Timer for Tabata Workouts (…and Crossfit and HIIT Workouts Too)

I wrote a post some time back about how to setup your Gymboss timer for Tabata interval training. However, I still get asked via email about what tool I use to keep track of my workouts. So I decided to create a detailed video showing how I use the Gymboss Interval Timer specifically for Tabata intervals. Watch the video below:

Also, the Gymboss Timer can also be used as a stopwatch that is suited for “for time” type of Crossfit workouts.

What I like about this timer:

  • Its affordable – only $19.95 for the basic version
  • Its small and lightweight
  • It has a clip to clip on to my workout attire
  • Loud beep with vibration option for when I’m working out to music
  • Comes in a variety of colors and ships worldwide

You can order one at https://tabataexercise.com/gymboss