Workout Inspiration: Confidence!

By Patrick Cummings

I am a lifeguard on the ocean of potential.
I rescue success from the depths of fatigue,
breathe life back into lungs like arrows from muted tongues.
I am both singular and in unison.
I can be ignored like cloud cover, sold like medicine,
I can be spit out like oil spills & cleaned up like apologies.
I am a stray tornado at the bulkhead of your basement breath
& I am wondering if you will let me in.
You can tell them later how the radio of your mind came clear
like a car exiting a tunnel,
how standing back up felt like drowning in reverse
When the jackhammer in your chest settles,
tell them how you were pulled back into the boat of possibility,
how you took the oars and you found the shore,
how you listened to the voice inside when I whispered, “more, more, more,”
until I was quiet like satisfaction & still like pride.