15 Tabata Exercise Examples

Here are 15 more Tabata exercise examples you can add to your workouts. These workouts are designed by personal trainer –  Adrian Crowe

These include:

  1. Hang Clean (45 lbs bar)
  2. DB Renegade Row to Jump Clean & Press
  3. Kettle Bell Deadlift (88 lbs)
  4. DB Thrusters (15 lbs)
  5. Kettle bell swings (26 lbs)
  6. High Bench Alternating Step Ups
  7. DB / Arm Snatch (35 lbs) x 2
  8. Bosu Ball On/Offs
  9. Jump to Monkey Chin Up
  10. Stability Ball Up/Up/Down/ Downs
  11. Jump Switch Lunges
  12. Plank Walk Up to Push Up
  13. Prisoner Squat on Toes
  14. Hockey Jumps
  15. Side to Side Burpees

Some equipment needed for these workouts include:
  • kettle bell
  • dumbells
  • bar bell
  • bench
  • bosu ball
  • chin up bar

High Intensity Tabata Combo Routine

This week, we’re going to bust a gut doing this! The equipment we’re gonna use are 30 inch box, a kettle bell, a 20 lbs medicine ball and of course, our trusty tabata timer.

If you don’t have a 30″ box – find a curb or other stable platform. If you don’t have a kettle bell, a dumbell will work too. If you ain’t got a medicine ball, try using your dog or cat (just kidding).

Are you ready?

20 seconds: Box Jumps
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Explosive Push-ups (over the kettle bell)
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Med Ball Slams
10 seconds: Rest

20 seconds: Russian Twist
10 seconds: Rest

Repeat from the beginning one more time for a total of 4 minutes of pure burn!

16 kg Kettlebell Thrusters – Tabata Style!

Julie Coder of Dynamic Solutions demonstrates how to perform a kettlebell thruster Tabata circuit.

A note for personal trainers – I like the distance kept between the trainer and Julie. This is a good way for a trainer to support a great workout without getting in the way.