Four-Sports Tabata Workout Routine

Here’s a unique Tabata workout from the It combines 4 different drills from 4 different sports, namely — wrestling, football, baseball and kick-boxing.

This workout is ideally performed outdoors at a a park. The only equipment you need really is some space, a bench or step and of course your Tabata timer.

Here are the exercises in the routine:

  1. Wrestling: Sprawl Drill (left hip/right hip)
  2. Football: Running Back Stumble Drill (left hand touch/right hand touch)
  3. Baseball: Round the Bases Drill (start first-base line/start third-base line)
  4. Kickboxing: Knee-Hook-Uppercut Drill (left side/right side)

Engage each exercise at maximum effort for 20 seconds. Then rest 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds in total. Total workout time is 4-minutes as usual.

Here’s the video: