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Upper Body Tabata Circuit Workout

This weeks Tabata workout video consist of alternating between medicine ball throws and elastic band rows. This routine will test your upper body endurance. The medicine ball will train your triceps, deltoids as well as your hand eye coordination. The elastic band rows will work out your back muscles and biceps. Enjoy!


High Intensity Tabata Combo Routine

This week, we’re going to bust a gut doing this! The equipment we’re gonna use are 30 inch box, a kettle bell, a 20 lbs medicine ball and of course, our trusty tabata timer. If you don’t have a 30″ box – find a curb or other stable platform. If you don’t have a kettle […]


A Hardcore Tabata Combo – DARC Swings, Slam Ball, Sandbag Cleans and Power Rope

The Tabata protocol can be applied creatively using various training equipment. This combo is made up of 4 different exercises – DARC Swings, Slam Ball, Sandbag Cleans and Power Rope! The equipment needed for this setup include a kettle bell, a medicine ball, a sandbag and a power rope. Also recommended is a Gymboss interval […]