Tabata Suicide Sprints

“Suicide sprints” is simply running from one point to another point and back with each sequential point extending further out.

For example you can use 4 markers. Place one as the start/ finish marker. The second one can be 10 yards out. The third and forth is placed 20, and 30 yards out. The drill is to run to the first point and back to the start, then run to the second point then back to the start, then on to the third point, and repeating again from the first point for several rounds.

This workout is very effective from training speed and endurance and is a fairly common drill for sports such as American football and soccer.

Tabata Suicide Sprints is a modified version. Just mark two points that are roughly around 20 to 30 feet apart. Then just run between the two points as many times as possible within 2o seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds.

In the video example below, this is done indoors from wall to wall. You could also do it outdoors at a park or anywhere with sufficient running room. Just keep your Tabata timer on you and set it to beep to let you know when to start or rest. Simple, easy but brutal!

Tabata Running on a Treadmill

The original Tabata Protocol was designed for exercise bikes. However, the biggest challenge with doing tabata drills on cardio machines is the stopping and restarting between each interval.

Here’s a video demo of how to do it on a treadmill.

Note: please be careful when getting back on the treadmill. Always keep your hands holding the side handle bards until your feet get back up to speed with the treadmill.

(Note the video goes blank after 1:42 – sorry, but its just a demo of the principle)