Tabata Pushups – 3 Buff Guys

Here’s a video example of 3 buff guys doing Tabata Pushups. This video is a great example of what I wrote about in my last post about how to approach your workouts. Do you go hard on every round right from the begining? Or do you pace yourself so that you get the maximum effort that is spaced out evenly over the 8 rounds?

You can see that these guys are pretty spent before the halfway mark.

I prefer recording my reps and trying to beat my personal best score. This involves holding back on some of the earlier rounds and making sure that my lowest rep is my actual score.

This makes sure that I perform the maximum number of Tabata pushups and helps me to keep my form instead of risking injury.

How about you? Do you go hard from the first round? Or do you track your scores too?